8 tips for a top Australia Day BBQ

Having the mates over this Australia Day? Well, lean in – because with these eight handy tips for throwing a bonzer BBQ, you’ve got this, sport.

1. Be brave and look inside.

When’s the last time you opened the hood of your BBQ? Chances are you’ll need to take to its hotplate (when they’re warm) with a few lemon halves, to get them looking spick and span. Test those burners, too. No-one wants raw snags on Australia Day.

2. Get to grips with your gas bottle

What makes a bad Aussie Day BBQ? An empty gas bottle. If carefully running hot (not boiling) water down the bottle’s side before checking with your hand where the temperature changes isn’t your style, maybe drop by a servo for a quick switcheroo.

3. What’s cooler than being cool?

Ice cold, according to OutKast. Speaking of outcasts, why run the risk of being one by falling short with bags of ice on Australia Day? Try following the +1 rule instead. If you’re grabbing three bags of ice, get a fourth. Better to be safe than sweltering.

4. Keep it clean.

Both the language, and the esky – which hasn’t been touched since your last soiree, right? Of course. Don’t ruin your more-than-enough stash of ice by pouring it all into an unloved cooler. Get some hot soapy water along with a little elbow grease inside it pre-BBQ.

5. Live large with long tongs

Tears of pride are almost a sign of patriotism on Australia Day, unlike those tears that are in the name of pain. So for the sake of your reputation, splurge on a set of long tongs and protect your dignity, forearms and fancy sleeves from shame and flames.

6. Whether the weather is…

Good, bad or ugly – the weather won’t stop your squad from showing up on Australia Day to sing a little Daryl Braithwaite. Your best bet? Watch that forecast in the lead-up and have their sausages and stage ready, no matter on the lawn or in the lounge.

7. Cater for the complete crew

From having the right condiments (sauces and mustards and chutneys – oh my!) to making your mates with the mightiest of meal requirements feel mattered (reserve a clear plate on the BBQ for non-meat eaters), get it spot on or get set for a solid serve.

8. Dial up the entertainment

Like clockwork, triple j’s hottest 100 has your back with dishing out some of the best tunes on Australia Day. But if the weather’s kind and your mates are so inclined, get some cricket or a slip ‘n’ slide happening in the backyard and own this public holiday.

But above all else this Australia day, have fun, be safe and look out for one another.