Charge your electric vehicle for only $1 a day

We know, on average, Australia’s passenger vehicles use 10.5 litres of fuel to travel 100kms1. So, if you lived in Brisbane, where in 2015 the average petrol price was $1.30 per litre2, you’d spend $13.65 for your 100km trip.

On top of this, there’s the price our environment pays for the carbon emissions produced by road transportation – which was 12% of our country’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 20123.

Considering the cost of a petrol-powered ride, could switching to an electric vehicle be a cheaper way to take to the road?

Charging your electric vehicle

If you don’t have solar panels or a battery installed in your home to help charge your electric vehicle, you can charge via power from the grid. But how much would this cost?

Well, that all depends on the capacity of your electric vehicle’s battery, and your home energy deal.

If your electricity rate was $0.25 per kilo Watt hour (kWh) – the Australian average – and your car used 18kWh4 to travel 100kms, you’d end up spending $4.50 for your electric vehicle journey. That’s less than a third of what the same trip would cost you in a petrol-fuelled equivalent.

And AGL has launched a plan to make electric vehicles even more affordable!

We’re ready to fuel your ride

So how does AGL’s $1 per day Electric Car Plan work?

  1. First up, AGL will arrange the installation of an additional digital meter at your home. It’ll measure how much electricity you use to charge your electric car specifically. If your home’s main meter isn’t a digital one, we’ll replace it too. It won’t cost you anything to have these meters installed, assuming the installation is standard. If it requires extra work, like upgrading your home’s electrical fit-out to install the meter safely, we’ll send you a quote first.
  2. Once your digital meter is installed, you’ll be charged $1 per day onwards from the first time the designated charging outlet starts to consume power – no matter how much or how little you use it.
  3. To make your electric car even kinder on the environment, AGL will offset 100% of the carbon emissions that result from the electricity used to charge your car – completely free of charge, thanks to our Future Forests initiative.
Will AGL’s $1 a day plan work for you?

If you drive your electric car infrequently, only travel short distances, charge at night with an off-peak tariff or use the energy generated from your solar PV system, then your existing AGL household plan might be the cheapest option for charging your car.

But if you drive regularly, take long trips and want the flexibility of charging your electric car at any time of day or night, the $1 per day plan could offer you a great deal.

Use our Electric Car Plan calculator to find the best option for you, or call our team on 1300 001 515.

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1 ABS – Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, 2015.
2 RACQ Annual Fuel Price Report – 2015.
4 Based on the average electrical energy requirements of the Tesla Model S (18.5-19.8 kWh), Nissan LEAF (17.3 kWh) and BMW i3 BEV (12.9-13.4 kWh) to travel 100km, as per the manufacturer’s data published in the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide.