Make managing your power payments easier

We’ve all experienced the shock of an unexpectedly high bill. Which is why AGL has introduced a raft of initiatives to put power management back into the hands of customers – many of which can be accessed with a simple smartphone app.
Smooth sailing for managing your bills

AGL’s Bill Smoothing helps you avoid bill shock by making payments predictable across the entire year.

The way it works is simple: year-long projections are made taking into consideration peak periods when heating, cooling and other seasonal factors come into play.

They are then rounded into identical, repeat payments across the year that means there are no peaks or valleys.

Projected energy consumption is based on your history, but this doesn’t mean this service is exclusive to existing customers. AGL can also take a demographic snapshot and calculate your payments based on the history of a similar household.

And payments don’t follow the traditional once-a-quarter template either—you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments to make those debits a little less impactful.

Put bill management in the palm of your hand

AGL has its own app available for download for iPhone and Android users.

For customers with digital smart meters, the app can tap into your meter giving you updates on your energy usage as frequently as daily. It also includes alerts when usage begins to spike, so you can take action and prevent a less-than-pleasant surprise down the road.

Customers with an AGL Solar Command unit can also access real time monitoring of their solar production and household consumption.

And, of course, the app has all the customer service options you’d expect like viewing and paying mobile-friendly e-bills and access to 24/7 support.

Hone in on devices bleeding power

Firstly, you can monitor how much electricity you are using in your home and when with AGL IQ. This world-class reporting tool is available free to AGL customers through the ‘My Account’ portal and gives a complete picture of the energy use in your home.

If you need some help implementing smart strategies to manage your energy use, that’s where ‘AGL Appliances and Tradespeople’ comes in; this service gives you access to electrical, plumbing and gas advice, tradespeople and support in your pursuit for energy efficiency.

You just have to log in to get started.

For more on the innovative ways that AGL is helping customers control their energy use, register for ‘My Account’ or call the team on 131 245.