Moving Home: tips for a smooth move

moving house packing tips

Moving house is much more than a one day event. There’s a lot going on, and when there’s so much to organise, even with the best planning there are a lot of things that can go awry. Help make your experience a smooth move with this list of pitfalls to avoid.

make moving home a smooth move

Traffic troubles

Whether you take a day off work during the week to move home, or get it all done over a weekend, don’t forget about peak hour traffic. You’ll have lots of other things to think about on the day, so the last thing you want is to sit in traffic.

Try to get the bulk of your driving in between 10am and 4pm to ensure that you don’t wind up spending precious unpacking time stuck in a traffic jam. If you’re moving to a new neighbourhood, it can be a good idea to map out the route you will take between houses beforehand, so you can be sure to avoid busy roads and intersections when you’re on the go.

A clean slate

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to clean up your new home before you start moving all of your things in – especially true if you’re moving into a brand new home. Dust or dirt from construction or past tenants should be swept up before you move your items in.

It pays to pop over to the new place a couple of days before and vacuum the floors and wipe down any surface areas. This means you won’t be inheriting any old dust or grime, and you can put your things way without having to worry about cleaning..

moving house packing tips

Pack a survival kit

Let’s face it – while we’d all like to believe that we’ll unpack everything into its rightful spot on the same day as the move, it’s rarely a reality. In the event that it does take you a week or so to finally get around to unboxing all of those odds and ends, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a survival kit ready with the essentials together to hold you over. Pack a weekend bag with things like bathroom supplies, scissors, a screwdriver, toilet paper, a torch, snacks, phone charger, change of clothes and anything else that you might need over the first 24 hours in a kit that you keep with you. It’s a much better solution than having to go rifling through boxes trying to track down the necessities!

It's easier to move with AGL

Power up

If there’s one thing you don’t want to forget about during the moving process, it’s your utilities. There’s nothing worse than unlocking the door to your new place and flicking a light switch, only to realise that you’ve forgotten to connect your electricity. AGL offers a move-in guarantee, which means that with a few clicks or a phone call at least one business day before your move-in date and safe access to the meter, you can be sure that you’ll have power in your place on the day you move in. Don’t forget to call your other utility suppliers too, so you have other essentials such as water on when you move in!

And don’t forget to download and print out our ‘changing your address’ checklist – it’ll help make sure you tell all of the right people and businesses about your big move.