Everywhere you go (always take the sunshine with you)

Camping is all about living light and easy. It’s about stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day.

But that doesn’t mean you lose all of the amenities that get you through each day. It’s about packing light, letting the kids run free and the finding rejuvenation that comes from being closer to the outdoors.

Now is a great time to start planning your outdoor break, as camping destinations book out quick – especially over long weekends and school holidays. So get in early and pop these amazing must-have solar gadgets on your shopping list for a sensational (and sustainable) escape.

Use the car

The car battery has been a camping staple for years, with the humble cigarette lighter acting as a power source for all things connected in days gone by. But if you’re having to tap into your car battery, why not charge it (or your phone) up while the sun shines? With a car sunshade solar panel and charger, you can protect the interior of your car while powering up the batteries that run the campsite.

Get your gadgets

Just because you’re getting away for the weekend, doesn’t mean you need to give up on things like your iPod, mobile phone or Kindle. After all, camping is all about getting a bit of “me time”, right? With products like this solar-powered tent pole with USB charging ports, or more traditional solar charges like the Solar Monkey Adventurer, you can ensure your selfies don’t suffer as you get back to basics.

Don’t over cook it

For the gourmet glamper, the need to ensure your cuisine is the stuff of Masterchef episodes is a top priority, and now you can do it powered by the sun.

For the truly adventurous camper, you can build your own solar oven (check out the steps here), but if you have the space, a family-sized solar oven is usually around 12kg and can set you up for baking, roasting and keeping food warm for hours after the sun’s gone down.

Nobody likes cold showers

If you’re after a bigger investment (and appreciate a warm shower), invest in a portable solar hot water system, like some of these options. Ideal for 4×4 adventures, caravans or even Winnebagos, it runs completely on solar or connects to a permanent water and electricity supply for when you run out of the power of the sun.

Getting back to nature doesn’t mean you need to miss out on creature comforts – whether it’s for cooking or charging, you always take the sunshine with you.

And if camping isn’t your thing, there are always eco-resorts you can head to for a little more luxe.