Looking after your solar panels: A lifetime of tailored energy

A tailored solar system is a long-term energy solution that provides unparalleled benefits for you and can save you money.

The value of having a tailored system means it works in harmony with your home, its orientation captures the optimum amount of sunlight that falls on your property creating the energy you and your family need.

“The right Solar PV system for you should take into account your electricity requirements on an average day and where the panels will be located on your roof. Shading, roof angles, quality products and geographic location will all influence the amount of solar power your system will produce. This is why you need a tailored solution rather than an off-the-shelf product,” says Louise McSweeney, AGL Head of Solar Technology.

And as a long-term energy investment, a tailored solar solution could save your money.

To ensure that your costs are kept low, for today and the future, make sure you choose a provider that offers ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

“This way your panels will always be performing at their best. Couple this with the monitoring of your system, which reports on the performance of your panels so that your supplier can alert you the moment energy production is not at optimum levels.”

It’s not only homeowners that can benefit from this cost-effective measure, landlords can also reap the rewards of the sun, says Louise. This means that renters could also enjoy lower energy bills.

Here are some of the benefits you could see with a tailored solar solution:

1. More money in your pocket

After you make the switch and invest in a solar system, you want to make sure it works efficiently. That’s why a tailored solar solution is so important. The perfect solar system will give you greater control of your energy production. The more you can use your daytime solar energy, the lower your overall energy bills could be.

2. Smarter energy consumption

A tailored solar solution ensures your home can take full advantage of the sun’s energy. If you invest in an “off the shelf” solar system, or simply choose the cheapest provider, there’s a chance it won’t be correctly installed or measured to properly fit your roof.

If you’re not sure how to find a trusted installer, here’s a list of questions to ask.

3. Hardworking panels

If you invest in the right solar system, your provider could offer monitoring software to ensure your panels are always working at optimum level.

4. Power up your sale or rental

Solar could add resale value to your home, but it’s also a great investment for landlords.

Going solar is definitely an energy solution packed with benefits – but do your research to make sure your solar system is tailored to match your home and lifestyle.