Put a spring in your solar

Solar loves spring, and getting your panels ready for the sunnier months doesn’t have to be hard.

Spring. The season of colour, cherry blossoms, warmer days and celebrating the end of winter. It’s the perfect time to declutter, prune the garden, embrace the sunlight and to give your solar panels a spring clean.

The winter months can be harsh on our homes. Heavy rains, storms and winds can cause tree branches to break, leaves to fall and mud to form. So, get your brooms out and your boots on: here’s how to make the most of solar in spring.

Removing the shade.

One of the first things to do is to remove any broken or torn tree branches from around your solar panels.

Trees and their branches can shade your panels from the sun, which can have a huge impact on your system’s efficiency. Even a little shade can stop them working at optimum level. Think of your solar panels being put together like a chain. If shade hits one cell, the chain is interrupted and the output is weaker.

If you’re confident and have a stable ladder and correct equipment, you can easily do this yourself. If not, ask a professional to help.

Digging the dirt.

Soiling – the build-up of contaminates on your panels’ surface – can decrease your solar system’s efficiency. This can be made up of dust, airborne pollution, salt (if you live near the sea) and other waste that sticks to your panels.

Stefan Jamason, co-founder and managing director at Solar Analytics says there a few things that have simple fixes with a big impact.

“Faults, while not common, are certainly well known throughout the industry and there are quite a number of systems that suffer from them. So by … rectifying those faults, you will generate between 15 per cent and 20 per cent more energy over the lifetime of your system.”

It’s recommended that you get someone to come in and clean the panels for you, where they will check for any cracks and loose fittings and ensure that your panels are free from soiling.

Getting solar can make a big difference to your energy, here are some things to consider.