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Energy efficiency in your new home

Windows to hot water, lighting to shade - use our helpful list of energy efficiency tips to reduce your gas and electricity usage in your new home.

Knowing the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of insulation

See how installing insulation can minimise heat flow in and out of your home, help make it more energy efficient and reduce your gas and electricity costs.
Make your windows at home more energy efficient

Let’s look through the energy efficient window…

Help reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by making your windows more energy efficient, thanks to these tips from AGL.
investment property

Energy saving tips for investment properties

Turning your investment property into a comfortable, energy-efficient one makes a lot of sense, as quality tenants who enjoy a comfortable environment and lower...
energy efficient appliances

The real cost of running your home’s appliances

Looking at the bigger picture when buying a new appliances can help save you more on your home's gas and electricity bills in the long term. We investigate why.
home energy use

Simple ways to manage your home energy usage

While new split heating and cooling units or a backyard swimming pool are splurges that can help you better survive the seasons, they won’t...