Let’s look through the energy efficient window

There’s good reason for you to have a ‘glass-half-full’ attitude towards spending less on your heating and cooling costs.

Especially when we have four clever areas to think about with making your home’s windows more energy efficient, so they can start pulling their weight.

Tinting and coating

You know how wearing a jacket in winter can keep you comfy by trapping your body’s warmth while also stopping the cold and dampness from creeping in?

Well, the same can be said for tinting or coating your home’s windows – yet there are benefits that exist all year round.

That’s because, by giving the glass an extra layer, you can help stop some of the strong summer sun from coming through and heating things up, while also making sure that all of the hard work by your heater or air conditioner isn’t escaping out.

While it can cost a pretty penny to make happen, if you’re not looking to renovate or build a new place, it can be an effective way to improve your the energy efficiency of your home’s windows.

Fittings and framing

But if you are looking to do-over your existing abode, or you’re hitting the drawing board to make that dream home of yours a reality, then fittings and framing should go straight to the top of your list.

Don’t worry, though. You won’t need  a Masters in energy efficient materials. You just need to have a chat with your builders and tradespeople so they know that you want to get it right now while the opportunity is there. (After all, it’ll likely cost you even more to make these changes down the track.)

Ask them about what materials can avoid the hot and cold conditions from seeping into your home around the glass and impact your energy bills. Also, depending on where the sun hits your home during the hottest part of the day, find out what colour will look great but also won’t burn up whenever the sun is its brightest.


Given they can also give your house some extra character, awnings can be one of the more satisfying energy efficiency projects you can undertake at home. (It’s ok – we get that ‘energy efficiency’ isn’t what you’d call ‘exciting’!)

By providing your windows with shade from the sun, awnings can be a great addition during the summer months, but something that can sometimes work against you in the winter ones when the softer heat could otherwise be helping to warm up your home for nothing.

So, if you can make it work, try and install awnings that you can easily adjust or move based on the times you do or don’t want the sun paying a visit.

Make your windows at home more energy efficient


By preventing the hot and cool air from leaving your home, shutters work in a similar way to blinds and curtains. But unlike heavy inside window furnishings, sturdy outdoor window shutters can also provide maximum protection from the sun by stopping the heat from touching the glass. Another added bonus is that they can help keep your home looking and feeling secure whenever you’re on holiday.

But if you install them, work out the softest colour to complement the aesthetics of your house, so the metal can reflect instead of attract the sun’s heat. (Have you ever noticed how much hotter a dark-coloured car can feel when the sun’s out?!)

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