Seniors share their top energy saving tips

If vitality is any indicator, it’s a great time to be a senior citizen; the health of older Aussies is on the up, we enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world and around 75% of seniors say they feel younger than their actual age1.

That energy was on full display at this year’s Victorian Seniors Festival, where AGL played proud sponsor and shared tips to help seniors save on their next power bill.

Not to be outdone, festival attendees shared with us a few power saving hacks of their own.

Watch Victorian Seniors share their tips below.

Want some more tips to help save on your next power bill?
  1. Keep your air conditioner set between 25–27°C in summer; each degree lower increases your energy usage by around 5–10%.2
  2. Check your fridge seals regularly; if you can close the door on a $5 note and remove it with ease, you might need to replace them – or risk your fridge using more energy than it needs to.
  3. Did you know that around 25% of household energy is consumed by water heating?3 Install an energy efficient shower head and save up to 19 litres of water every minute.4

For even more, view our article on simple ways to manage your home energy usage.


1 National Seniors Australia, Be heard: Snapshots of members’ views (2017)